I've been searchin' my soul tonight

Now I know I can shine a light to find my way back home

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This is the writing journal of fangirljen. 31/f/SoCal

Profile will be getting a makeover soonish...after NaNo. Maybe.

NaNoWriMo 2005: 50,863/50,000 (101.7%) COMPLETED! :D
NaNoWriMo 2006: 50,003/50,000 (100.006%) COMPLETED! :D
NaNoWriMo 2008: 50,003/50,000 (100.00%) COMPLETED! :D
NaNoWriMo 2010: still writing past 50,000/50,000 COMPLETED! :D
NaNoWriMo 2011: 50,000/50,000 (100.00%) COMPLETED! :D
NaNoWriMo 2012: 50,038/50,000 (100.00%) COMPLETED! :D

3 am epiphanies, a mental outline, a new perspective, a well scripted tale, adrian pasdar, aiming to misbehave, amy pond, amy sherman-palladino, anagrams, angela petrelli, babylon 5, benbella books, books, bree sharp, bryan fuller, canadian science fiction television, captain mal reynolds, carl jung, character development, character fanpeople, character quirks, character quotes, character's introspecting, charles xavier, cinematic writing, constance penley, content over mechanics, continuity, creating myths, daniel jackson, declan dunn, dialogue, doing the impossible, double-meanings, dreams turn stories, dsc for life, epic storytelling, epiphanies, erik lehnsherr, ethan rayne, famous fans, fan movements, fan people, fan professionals, fan writing, fan-run conventions, fan-scholar, fanart, fanboys, fandemonium, fandom, fanfic, fangirls, fanning original characters, fanpeople in the business, fanthropology, firefly, fluidity, fresh storytelling, galen, good versus evil, harry potter, henry jenkins, heroes, hivemind, homages, hrg, hurt/comfort, in-jokes, j. michael straczynski, james mcavoy, jeanne cavelos, jk rowling, joseph campbell, joss whedon, julie fortune, just winging it, kaylee frye, kitty pryde, lingering storylines, marcus cole, matt smith, media tie-ins, meetups, metafiction, methos, michael fassbender, milo ventimiglia, multiple fandoms, mysterious ways, nanowrimo, nathan petrelli, northrop frye, not!plot devices, obscure references, observing the minute details, pen and paper, pete wisdom, peter petrelli, pop culture, pop culture in writing, popular fiction, pretty british men, pseudo-sciences, psychology of characters, rachel caine, reading, realism, realistic characters, references to literature, remus lupin, river tam, rupert giles, sacrificing story for character, sarcastic banter, scholar-fan, science fiction, science fiction television, scifi, serenity, sf actors quirky experiences, shiny, simon tam, spirituality, stephanie hammer, steven moffat, sub-genres, subtext, supernatural, the doctor, the force of fandom, the petrellis, the plucky hero, the technomages, three-dimensional characters, trying something new, urban fantasy, visionaries, wandering away from plot, warren ellis, well-written characters, werewolves, whedonesque, word play, writing, writing in the dark, writing music, writing references, x-men first class, you're not alone

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