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With You I Can Do Anything

I'm a little bit envious of River. Snappy dresser, snappy with the come backs, amazing hair (well that I have--crazy waves that will stick out at all ends if I let them), but it's how she can match the Doctor measure for measure and even out-do him--that I love. Come to think of it, perhaps Moffat is drawing a bit from Holmes and Irene Adler here? Their relationship isn't all too different. If I remember correctly, Adler was as flirtatious as was appropriate for the time she was written in. "A Scandal in Bohemia" was one of the two Holmes stories I had to read for a literature class in high school. I finished the recent Doctor Who series yesterday so I am still processing. I liked it more than I thought I would. Because what I heard of the ending, I didn't think I would like it, but I liked it very much.

Caught up on Doctor Who and my dad and I are watching the entire Legend of the Seeker series from the beginning. I have also been charmed by this series. I think between DW and LotS, I will be getting ideas to write about very soon. I feel like there is something on the tip of my tongue, but it's just not there yet. Still cooking. I am in love with Kahlan Amnell, though. I was tempted to RP her, but in a current day setting, with reincarnation. Total AU, but very appealing to me. /makes mental note to get some Kahlan icons

Though I haven't done any fiction writing since November--another successful NaNo, I gotta add!--I have been writing. Someone directed me to 750 Words dot com and I have been writing up a storm. Just in the month of December, I have written over 133,000 words. It's a lot of thinking, some complaining, some visualizing--which has been helpful in dealing with my grief about my mom--and my thoughts on my writing and what I have been reading. Writing every day has helped to set up a regular routine for me. And guess what? I am 31 days in. Haven't missed a day yet. Their cute little bird badges have helped keep me active. I love collecting things, even things that don't really matter. Things matter to me, though. Like if I missed a day, I wouldn't be happy. So I keep writing.

A few weeks ago, I began reading every day in addition to writing. It is making me feel a bit more stable too. I started Lynn Grabhorn's Excuse Me, Your Life is Waiting. Great book. Grabhorn talks about being in touch with your emotions. It also ties into the Law of Attraction and how the Law of Attraction works off of energy and emotions too. Like our thoughts have power, too. The more positive thoughts, the more positive energy. The same is true about negative energy and negative thoughts. She says some things that I am not so sure about, though, like people attract their deaths to them. She gives one example of a friend's mom who died in a freak car accident when someone had thrown a rock off an overpass and how it had hit her friend's mom on the head and her friend's mom died instantly. I do believe that we attract our experiences to ourselves, though. Grabhorn also mentioned a way to lose weight: visualize yourself at the weight you want to be at and imagine yourself into reality. It's like my mom's saying "fake it until you make it." You are making that neural pathway, even through visualizing, and then you start living it. I like it very much.

I've finished Grabhorn's book and am now reading Christian McEwen's World Enough & Time. McEwen's main focus is on leading a slower life. A slower life is highly appealing to me. I used to live a slower life in my childhood. It was all about playing outside, pretending I was on a deserted island, reading in my tree house. This was before video games and computers for me. I am going to make a change. I mean, I already have. I am taking more time to read, write, and cook. OMG. I am cooking! I've been obsessed with latkes lately. Very much yum.

After Christmas, I bought some of the things that I had wanted for Christmas, namely this coat--I've been positively gushing over it for weeks--and these boots. I wanted a new ensemble. I have also bought a new shirt. I added gloves and a purple umbrella. I've wanted riding boots for a while, but you won't believe how happy a coat with leather on the elbows makes me. Like seriously gushy. It's my studious writer's jacket. The whole ensemble is. Can't wait to see how it looks!