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Claire Bennet Ficlet - Breaking Ground

Title: Breaking Ground
Fandom: Heroes
Spoilers: Through season 4's “Let it Bleed”
Rating: PG (swearing)
Summary: After Claire returns to her dorm room, she contemplates about the past and what her next actions are going to be
Notes: Written for thewritingpen's Oasis prompt
Words: 1065

If things had been different, maybe the idea of a community for evolved humans would have appealed to Claire, but the foundation was flawed. The man who was creating the community was flawed, morally flawed. Samuel Sullivan was a desperate man, not to mention unbalanced. While she didn't know the circumstances, she knew he had murdered his own brother. It seemed all the others at the carnival were running scared, didn't want to, or just didn't have the power to go against Samuel, including Doyle. Who was strong enough to stop him?

The only name that came to her mind was the name of a dead man, her own biological father. The thought of Nathan being dead left a knot in her stomach and numbness through her extremities. It was a nightmare that she just needed to wake up from. He shouldn't have been dead right now, she thought, as she sat down on her dorm room bed. It was a thought that had gone through her mind multiple times in the handful of days that she had known about her biological father's murder.

Peter had called her and explained some of what had happened. Sylar had killed Nathan, months ago, when Sylar had been after the President. Since then, the man who she thought was Nathan was actually Sylar, thinking, believing, he was Nathan. This idea left her feeling sick and angry. People she knew had made Sylar into Nathan: her dad, Angela Petrelli, and Matt Parkman. Peter was so cold when he had told her. He wasn't being like himself at all. She wondered how long ago he had found out the truth himself. Angela wouldn't have immediately told her youngest son, Claire figured. She didn't know how Peter was able to tell her about what had happened.

Any lesser man than Peter wouldn't have been able to speak at the funeral, but she knew that it was something he had to do, like he had to be able to tell her. He cared so much for his brother. She had observed as much in the few times she had seen them together, but she heard it in his voice and saw it in his actions during the eulogy. The most heartbreaking thing for her was when she watched him kiss his brother's flag-covered coffin.

She thought back to when she met Nathan for the first time, two years ago. She had gone to New York to find Peter, but had learned that he was dead. She was at Angela's house when Nathan arrived and saw Peter's body. She stood at the doorway, unseen, and watched her biological father's face fall as realization came over him. She even saw his eyes water as he crumpled over Peter's body, mourning his brother. She was struck by the feelings Nathan exhibited. How much love he must have felt for his younger brother; later, when she saw Peter alive again, she knew it was completely mutual.

Their love had saved the world, or at least New York City. She had witnessed that event, too. Peter was going to explode. There was nothing any of them could do—not even Claire, and she was the one who was supposed to shoot him in the spot in the back of the head that would knock out their healing and leave them dead. But Nathan came at the last possible minute. He made her put the gun down and then turned to Peter. He was so calm, so sure of himself. Nothing is written in stone, he told them, recalling the words she had thrown at him hours earlier, right before flinging herself out of his office window to get away from him and Angela and to go find Peter. But Nathan had changed and had stood up to his mother and the plans she had for all of them. He revealed himself as the brother who Peter adored. It was how she had envisioned her biological father when she was a kid—except better. He really was Superman.

There would be no such last-minute saves now. No sudden appearances by her biological father. Peter was still searching the sky for his brother when she went to talk to him on the roof. He needed to feel his brother again...and he was desperate. So she made a midnight call to her ex as Peter had asked. West was understanding and didn't pressure her for anything she wasn't willing to give. She just wanted to be alone.

It was her luck, too, that Gretchen wasn't in the dorm when she got back to school. She had a lot of thinking she needed to do, and she didn't want to end up explaining things to Gretchen just yet...hopefully never. She had dragged Gretchen with her to the carnival. Knowing her friend, Gretchen would want to help, but she would be damned if another person close to her was going to get hurt or killed. This wasn't Gretchen's problem to bear, but it did seem to be hers. A normal life wasn't allowed to her, but maybe that was okay.

The Carnies deserved a chance and she was the only one who could give them that. Samuel had shown her his plan at work: creating a secluded community for all evolved humans. He had brought in a man who had the ability to grow plants when water was present and had the man, within seconds, create fertile and lush land out of a barren wasteland. The man's ability secured the foundation to Samuel's vision. She couldn't help but strongly question this vision, knowing Samuel's past. What was Samuel's ulterior motive? What was she going to do to stop him?

Where were her morals in this? Would she, could she resort to the tactics used by Samuel, as well as her own father, and simply dispose of the threat? If Nathan was still there, what would he have done? Call on some senatorial favors and have Samuel apprehended for the murder of his brother, she reasoned. Her heart sank: she would have to call her dad for help with this. He had the contacts that she needed. One in particular could be a big help: Agent Gilmore of the CIA. And this couldn't wait. She picked up her cellphone from her desk and speed dialed her dad. Now all he had to do was answer.


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Jan. 17th, 2010 12:43 am (UTC)
I have stopped watching Heroes for awhile now, but your writing captured the characters I knew of very well. I enjoyed reading this very much.
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